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A'nyezah Richards was born in Newark, Delaware in 1996, the first daughter of Anicia Richards and Corrie Joyner. After her young parents separated, she and her little sister Taylor were raised by their grandparents. A’nyezah had a scattered childhood, divided between her mother and father’s houses. When she was five, A’nyezah’s life changed forever when father was incarcerated for murder and sentenced to life without parole. Her grandmother and other family members provided financial support. A few years later, A'nyezah moved into her mother’s home; and there, her habit of reading and storytelling began.


A'nyezah attended grammar school in New Castle before entering Wilmington Delcastle Vocational High School. She earned honor roll, was nominated “Best Dressed” in her class, and graduated in 2015. In her freshman year at Wesley College, she began majoring in Law & Justice. Fearing a sensory overload if she were to join activities on campus, A’nyezah stayed close to childhood friends on campus and prioritized her studies—a commitment that placed her on the dean's list both semesters. In 2016, she completed one year of college and never went back due to financial difficulties. She inserted herself into the real world and began her independent life working multiple jobs.


A'nyezah made her first professional sale (Dust on The Record) to bootstrap publications in 2019. Determined for her stories to be seen and heard, she continued to send her literary works to magazines and newspapers, while simultaneously writing proposals to publishing houses. Despite her efforts, none of her poetry earned public recognition.


In July 2019, A’nyezah spent some time in Europe before cutting the sojourn short and returning home mid-November. After living there for five months, she had completed her second poetry/prose collection (Vessels Volume I). Now that she was home, it was time for her to take full creative control of her ideas and move forward as an author and writer. 


A'nyezah moved to Miami, Florida in 2020, where she lived for a short period of time and parted ways with her publisher. 


Today, A'nyezah stands 5'4 and weighs 117 pounds. She is brown-eyed, olive-skin, and has thick, long light brown hair.

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